Daegu University students provide online education for Filipino elementary school students

Daegu University's College of Education in South Korea recently held a convergence education camp for elementary school students from the Philippines. Due to the pandemic, the university has been providing online education services since 2021. The camp was held in collaboration with the University of Antique, which saw over 10 staff members visit Daegu University in November 2021 to discuss future cooperation plans.

The online education program was led by volunteers from Daegu University's College of Education, named "DU Avengers". They planned science and cultural arts classes using materials that are easy to find locally. The program aimed to provide Filipino students with access to quality education despite the pandemic restrictions.

The volunteer members faced several difficulties in preparing for the classes due to language barriers and online communication issues. However, they worked with other teachers and grew in the process. Professor Cha Jung-ho, who led the volunteer group, commended the students' enthusiasm and cooperation with local universities. He expressed his commitment to making more efforts to make the program a good example of international education cooperation.

The educational program provided an opportunity for Daegu University's students to contribute to the development of education in the Philippines. The program also strengthened the relationship between the two universities, which has been ongoing since 2011. The university's College of Education has been conducting local training in the Philippines, and this year's program was the second cooperation with the University of Antique.

The online education program was a success, with many Filipino students participating in science and cultural arts classes. The program provided a platform for cultural exchange between students from different countries, despite the limitations of the pandemic. This initiative demonstrated the importance of international cooperation and the power of education in bridging cultural divides.

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