Goryeong-gun Holds Pre-Training for Foreign Season Workers to Support Struggling Farmers

Goryeong-gun, GyeongsangBuk-do province in South Korea conducted a pre-training session for 44 foreign seasonal workers on February 24. The workers will be assigned to farms after completing preliminary training, including departure prevention training, compliance with employers, measures in case of unauthorized departure, and prevention of personnel infringement. 

The move comes as Goryeong-gun has signed an MOU with the Philippines to attract foreign seasonal workers, marking the first time the group has done so.

As part of the program, 144 Filipino foreign workers will work in Goryeong-gun’s agricultural site in the first half of 2023, with 94 of them working as farmers and 50 as public seasonal workers. The first batch of 44 people has already entered the country, and 100 more are set to arrive next week. This program aims to help support farmers who are struggling due to labor shortages.

Governor Lee Nam-cheol welcomed the entry of the Filipino seasonal workers who have been waiting for a long time. He expressed his desire to contribute to the resolution of rural labor shortages through the operation of the first foreign workers' program.

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