Inje-gun Signs Agreement with Filipino Local Governments to Introduce Seasonal Workers

Inje-gun, Gangwon-do has signed a business agreement with local governments in Batangas and San Louis, Philippines, to introduce agricultural seasonal workers. This move is expected to benefit both countries by providing job opportunities for Filipinos and supplementing the agricultural industry in Inje-gun.

The Arrival of 359 Filipino Seasonal Workers in Korea

Starting from March to June, a total of 359 Filipino seasonal workers will be entering Korea as part of the agreement. The process of recruitment, selection, and curriculum for these workers is already underway. This collaboration not only helps alleviate the labor shortage in the agricultural industry but also strengthens the bond between Inje-gun and the Filipino local governments.

Expanding the Seasonal Worker System through Mutual Trust

The partnership between Inje-gun and the Filipino local governments is built on mutual trust and respect. By expanding the seasonal worker system, it is expected to bring more economic and cultural benefits to both countries. As the two governments continue to work together, it is hoped that this collaboration will serve as a model for other countries seeking to strengthen their ties and address their labor needs.

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