Advancing Philippine Education: Good People’s Donation of STEM Resources to Angeles Schools

A Leap in STEM Education for Angeles

In a significant step towards educational equality, the Korean NGO Good People has recently facilitated STEM education for 88,000 students in Angeles, Philippines. This initiative aims to bridge the educational divide and cultivate future talents in science and technology.

Supporting Public Schools in Need

The Angeles Science Center, established by the Philippine Department of Education to improve the science education environment in public schools, is the first STEM education facility in Angeles. However, it faced challenges due to budget constraints. Stepping in to address these issues, Good People donated essential items like air conditioners, chairs, and STEM education tools such as drones and robot kits.

In addition to the physical resources, Good People is also planning to support a capacity-building workshop for science teachers of Angeles public schools. This workshop will cover scientific experimental design methods and theories, further enriching the educators' ability to impart quality STEM education.

The Good People's chairman, Kim Cheon-su, expressed hope that this support would help the students of Angeles public schools grow into talents in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. He reaffirmed the NGO's commitment to ensuring all Filipino students have access to quality education.

Good People continues its mission in the Philippines, having previously supported computer education in Angeles' Northville 15 Integrated School by donating laptops. This latest venture, worth 27 million won, symbolizes a significant stride in empowering the young minds of the Philippines through education.

With such initiatives, the hope is to nurture a generation of well-equipped, scientifically literate individuals capable of contributing significantly to their communities and beyond.

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