Korea's Winter Shock: Record-Breaking Cold and Its Impact

South Korea is experiencing one of its coldest winters, with temperatures plummeting to a staggering -18°C in regions like Gangwon-do. The sudden drop has brought a wave of challenges, catching many off guard. Korea Weather Information

Jeju's Flight Fiasco Amidst Snowfall 

In Seoul, temperatures dipped to -12.4°C, compelling citizens to seek refuge indoors. The cold has not only affected travel plans but also reshaped the routines of everyday life.

At Jeju International Airport, 14 flights were canceled and 97 delayed due to snowfall and poor visibility. The plight of travelers, stranded and uncertain, paints a vivid picture of the disruption.

Adapting to the Arctic Conditions

The severity of the cold is felt most acutely by outdoor workers. Delivery riders and sanitation workers, for instance, have adapted with layered clothing and creative insulation methods. Their resilience in the face of this freezing adversity is remarkable.

Amid the bitter cold snap that has hit the country in the run-up to the holidays and Christmas, churches and community centers are lending a helping hand, providing warmth and food to those most affected. 

As a Filipino not accustomed to extreme cold, these scenes in South Korea give me a glimpse into a very different winter experience.

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