End of an Era? Ji Suk-jin's Hiatus from 'Running Man'

After 13 years of laughter and entertainment, Ji Suk-jin, (a.k.a 'Suk sam i Hyeong', his nickname) a cornerstone of the iconic SBS variety show 'Running Man', faces a new challenge. The recent news of his hiatus, following a series of cast departures, signals a potential turning point for the long-running show.

Ji Suk-jin exits 'Running Man' amid personal struggles, casting spotlight on show's uncertain future.

Turbulent Times for a Beloved Cast Member 

Ji Suk-jin's decision to take a break for health reasons has raised concerns among fans. Compounded by financial disputes with his former agency, including allegations of unpaid wages, Ji Suk-jin's situation paints a complex picture. Despite these struggles, his commitment to the show never wavered, exemplifying his dedication to entertainment and his fans.

Notably, Ji Suk-jin's absence during the 2023 SBS Entertainment Awards, where he was previously considered a strong contender, added to the surprise. His journey with 'Running Man' has been marked by both high points and poignant moments, including receiving the Honorary Employee Award in 2021, a bittersweet recognition of his contributions.

As 'Running Man' grapples with this transition, the show's resilience and ability to evolve remain key. Ji Suk-jin's hiatus, while a significant change, opens up discussions about the future dynamics and direction of the beloved variety show.

Looking Ahead Ji Suk-jin and 'Running Man'

The path forward for both Ji Suk-jin and 'Running Man' is watched with keen interest. His return to health and potential comeback to the show are eagerly anticipated.

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