Senate Approval Strengthens Social Security for Filipinos in Korea

The Philippine Senate, in a significant move on December 13, 2023, ratified an agreement that profoundly impacts Filipino workers in South Korea.

Philippine Senate ratifies landmark social security agreement, bolstering rights of Filipinos working in South Korea.

A Focus on Korean-Filipino Collaboration 

The ratified SRN 878 is a testament to the strengthening relations between the Philippines and South Korea. It ensures Filipino workers, including their dependents and survivors, are eligible for social security benefits on par with South Korean nationals. This agreement, originating from a 2019 signing, is a landmark in mutual cooperation and support.

Equality and Security for Overseas Filipinos 

Under this agreement, Filipino workers in Korea can expect equal treatment and security. It allows for the totalization of insurance periods and offers options for pension contributions refund, mirroring the rights offered to Korean nationals. The commitment to mutual administrative assistance further simplifies the process for Filipinos to claim their benefits.

The Senate's unanimous decision underscores a dedication to enhancing the welfare of Filipinos in South Korea, reflecting a growing partnership between the two nations.

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