Korean Cinema: '12.12: The Day' on Track to Hit 10 Million Milestone

The movie <12.12: Those Days (서울의 봄)> is making waves at the box office, surpassing 4 million viewers in its first 12 days of release. Directed by Kim Sung-soo and starring Hwang Jung-min and Jung Woo-sung, the movie is a cinematic reimagining of the tense nine hours of the 1979 December 12 military rebellion.

reconstructs the urgent nine hours of the 12/12 military rebellion in 1979 with cinematic imagination.

It is a blockbuster box office hit that is breaking all kinds of records, topping the box office with a weekend attendance of 1.7 million and a cumulative attendance of 4.6 million. In particular, the second weekend of the movie's release showed an unusual "backlash" phenomenon, surpassing the first weekend, suggesting the possibility of breaking the 10 million mark.

With '12.12: Those Days,' Korean movies are expected to provide a thrilling journey for moviegoers.

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