Vigilante: The Dark and Twisted Tale of Justice

The Disney+ Original series Vigilante has become a global phenomenon, captivating audiences not only in Korea but also across Asia-Pacific and beyond. This action-packed thriller tells the story of Kim Ji-yong, a model police academy student who transforms into the masked Vigilante at night to fight crime.

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Based on a popular webtoon with over 370 million global views, Vigilante has been praised for its intense action sequences, complex characters, and exploration of the limitations of the law. Director Choi Jung-yeol, known for his delicate and lively productions, delivers a visually stunning and emotionally engaging series.

Vigilante is a movie based on the webtoon of the same name that garnered 3.7 million views.

Nam Joo-hyuk delivers a powerful performance as the conflicted hero Vigilante, while Yoo Ji-tae portrays the charismatic and conflicted detective Cho Heon, who pursues Vigilante while grappling with his own beliefs about justice.

In an interview, Director Choi Jung-yeol shared his personal interpretation of the story, stating, "I personally thought that the story of Vigilante was sad. In fact, I think it's so sad that this character exists." He believes the story resonates because it addresses the limitations of the legal system and the desire for justice.

Actor Yoo Ji-tae, who plays Cho Heon <Vigilante 2023>

Actor Yoo Ji-tae, who plays Cho Heon, also expressed his connection to the character, saying, "I think it was the greatest feeling that it was a waste. I wanted to not fall as a wicked because the ability was excellent and the gaze of evil was clear." He further emphasized the importance of Cho Heon's role as a mentor figure who guides Vigilante towards a path of redemption.

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