A Child's Wish Fulfilled: The Goraebap Story

In a heartwarming tale of compassion, Orion's Goraebap (Strawberry Whale Snack) became a symbol of hope and joy at Busan National University Children's Hospital. This story began with a young patient's wish for a discontinued favorite snack, Goraebap, and unfolded into a remarkable gesture of corporate empathy.
The Snack company's Touch of Kindness in Healthcare

When Nurse Choi Da-Jung learned about the child's longing for the discontinued Goraebap, she reached out to Orion. 

Understanding the emotional value of this simple request, Orion responded with extraordinary kindness. They took on the challenge of recreating the snack, sourcing ingredients and manually producing it in their research lab, showcasing a rare commitment to community needs.

The delivery of the specially made Goraebap, along with other snacks and stickers, brought a wave of happiness to the hospital's young patients. This act by Orion transcended the typical bounds of corporate responsibility, turning into a source of delight and inspiration in a place often associated with illness and hardship.

Orion's response highlights the profound impact compassionate acts can have, especially in healthcare settings. Their willingness to go beyond standard practices to fulfill a child's wish not only provided momentary joy but also demonstrated how corporations can play a pivotal role in touching lives and spreading kindness.

This Goraebap story exemplifies the power of empathy and caring beyond the confines of business, reminding us that sometimes, the smallest gestures can leave the most significant imprints on our hearts.

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