Filipinas Gehlee Dangca and Jin Hyeon-ju Triumph in SBS's 'Universe Ticket'

In the captivating world of K-pop, three Filipinas – Gehlee Dangca, Elisia Parmisano, and Jin Hyeon-ju – have made significant strides in the SBS show 'Universe Ticket', marking a new era of Filipino talent in the global music scene.
Gehlee Dangca's success in K-pop

Gehlee Dangca: Rising From the Ranks

16-year-old Filipino trainee, Gehlee Dangca, has become a symbol of young talent and perseverance in the K-pop industry. Starting from a modest 22nd place in the pre-voting, her journey to securing the 4th spot and a place in the new girl group UNIS is a remarkable tale of resilience and hard work.

Elisia Parmisano: Leading the Pack

Joining Dangca in carving a niche in the K-pop world is Elisia Parmisano, another Filipina who has already made her mark in 'Universe Ticket'. Rising to the first position in the PRISM pyramid, Parmisano's achievement is a testament to her extraordinary talent and dedication, setting a high standard for her fellow contestants.

Jin Hyeon-ju: A Blend of Cultures

Jin Hyeon-ju, a Filipina-Korean member of Cignature, known as Belle, has also shown her mettle by securing a spot in UNIS. Her unique dual heritage brings a fresh perspective to the group, emphasizing the richness of cultural diversity in K-pop.

Filipinas Making Waves in K-pop

The success of Parmisano, Dangca, and Hyeon-ju in 'Universe Ticket' reflects the growing international influence of K-pop, showcasing how talents from various backgrounds can make an impact on the global stage. Their individual journeys, marked by dedication and exceptional skill, highlight the potential of Filipino artists in the international music arena.

Inspiring a Global Audience

Their achievements are not just a victory for each of them but also serve as a source of inspiration for aspiring artists worldwide. It demonstrates that passion, combined with hard work, can transcend cultural and geographical boundaries. The stories of these three Filipinas echo the evolving narrative of K-pop, which is increasingly embracing diverse talents and stories.

As the K-pop industry continues to expand its global reach, the journeys of Elisia Parmisano, Gehlee Dangca, and Jin Hyeon-ju in 'Universe Ticket' will be remembered as significant milestones in the genre's journey towards inclusivity and diversity. Their success story is a beacon of hope and a testament to the universal appeal of music, transcending borders and uniting people through shared artistic expressions.

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