K-Beauty Meets Clark: Juno Hair's First International Store Launch

Juno Hair, a leader in the K-beauty industry, has embarked on its global expansion with the opening of its first directly-managed overseas store in Clark, Philippines. This pioneering move heralds a new era for K-beauty enthusiasts in the region.

Strategic Location for K-Beauty Enthusiasts

The new store, strategically situated near Manila, is designed to attract both high-income locals and Korean tourists. This location underscores Juno Hair's commitment to tapping into the Philippine market's growing fascination with Korean culture.

Grand Launch with Local Celebrities

The opening event was graced by Angeles City Councilor Hon. Vicky Vega and Clark Airport Vice President Manuel Joseph Franco. Their presence, along with local influencers, signifies the brand's strong foothold in the Philippine beauty industry.

A Unique Blend of Services

Juno Hair's Clark outlet offers more than just hairdressing; it's a comprehensive beauty haven. The store features a range of services, including a hair salon, Juno Academy, and specialized scalp care treatments. These offerings cater to the specific environmental challenges and beauty needs of the Philippines.

Vision for Global K-Beauty Dominance

With ambitious plans to expand into major cities worldwide, Juno Hair is poised to become a global K-beauty platform. This expansion reflects the brand's aspiration to lead the international K-beauty market.

The enthusiastic response from customers at the opening day indicates a promising future for Juno Hair in the Philippines and beyond. As Juno Hair continues its global journey, it reinforces the influence and allure of K-beauty across the world.

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