PLDT Global and JD Mobile Company Partnership to Support OFWs in South Korea

In a landmark move, PLDT Global Corporation and JD Mobile Company have joined forces to extend a lifeline to Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) in South Korea. 

This collaboration brings to the forefront free SIM cards equipped with a one-month subscription, ensuring OFWs are instantly connected with data, voice, and text services upon their arrival. This gesture is more than just about connectivity; it's about bringing a piece of home to those who have ventured afar for better opportunities.

The heart of this partnership beats within the Tindahan ni Bossing (TINBO) e-commerce platform, accessible through these SIMs. TINBO is more than just a marketplace; it's a bridge connecting OFWs to their families in the Philippines. From paying bills across borders to securing telehealth services, TINBO stands as a testament to how technology can nurture the bonds of family, regardless of distance.

Furthermore, JD Mobile Company's comprehensive support services offer a warm welcome to OFWs, guiding them through their initial steps in a new land. This support spans from practical advice on living in Korea to essential services that ease their transition, embodying a holistic approach to worker welfare.

The sentiments shared by executives from both companies, Albert Villa-Real of PLDT Global and Lim Yuonsub of JD Mobile, reflect a shared vision of empowerment and care for the Filipino community abroad. Their commitment shines a light on the crucial role of connectivity and support services in the lives of OFWs, underpinning the importance of such partnerships in fostering a global Filipino community that is connected, supported, and thriving.

As we delve into this story, it becomes clear that the alliance between PLDT Global and JD Mobile Company is not just about telecommunications. It's a beacon of hope and support, a reminder that no matter where we are in the world, the spirit of Bayanihan lives on, keeping us connected to our roots and to each other.

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