Philippine Agriculture Transformed by Korean Smart Greenhouse Technology

A New Era in Philippine Agriculture: Korean Innovation Leads the Way 

The Department of Agriculture – Western Visayas (DA-WV) has embraced a new future in farming with the Korean-funded Smart Greenhouse project. 

This PHP 65-million initiative, marking a milestone in Korean-Philippine agricultural cooperation, includes ten state-of-the-art greenhouses, enhancing both productivity and climate resilience.

Empowering Farmers with Advanced Skills and Technology 

This initiative, managed by EPIS and Hankyong National University, is revolutionizing Philippine agriculture. 

Comprehensive training in Korean smart farming techniques is set to skyrocket productivity and empower farmers with advanced skills. It's a holistic strategy, integrating farming methods with an understanding of labor laws and sustainable practices.
Korea-Philippines agricultural partnership

Economic Growth and Sustainable Future 

Demonstrating remarkable economic viability with impressive returns on investment, these greenhouses symbolize a leap towards a sustainable and profitable agricultural sector. 

Plans to transform this project into a research hub, focusing on high-value crops and renewable energy, underscore its potential as a model for future agricultural development.

This project is a testament to the benefits of international collaboration, showcasing how Korean support can catalyze significant advancements in Philippine agriculture.

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