RIIZE, proves Rising Power, 'Love 119' Tops the Charts

The Emergence of a New K-Pop Power

RIIZE, the rookie boy group from SM Entertainment, is rapidly becoming a global phenomenon. With their latest release 'Love 119', they've stormed the world music charts, claiming top positions in the Philippines, Thailand, and seven other regions on the iTunes Top Songs Chart.

Their breakthrough single 'Love 119', released on the 5th, not only dominated charts in 16 countries including Japan, Singapore, and Brazil but also conquered major Korean music platforms like Melon, Bugs, and Vibe. This track, a creative reinterpretation of the 2005 hit 'Emergency Room' by the band 'izi', embodies the essence of first love with a unique RIIZE twist.

A Meteoric Rise in Popularity

In just six months since their debut, RIIZE has established themselves as the 'K-pop idols to watch' of the year. Their success on domestic and global platforms like Apple Music and iTunes speaks volumes of their rising popularity. 'Love 119' has maintained its number one position on the Bugs daily chart and Vibe's rising chart, signaling its potential to become the first K-pop hit of the year.

Chart Success and Industry Predictions

Their global impact is further highlighted by the 'chart lining' effect of their earlier releases, 'Talk Saxy' and debut song 'Get A Guitar', which have been resurrected on the charts, a testament to their strong fandom and public appeal.

Industry insiders predict that RIIZE's global hit sensation with 'Love 119', especially with its easy-listening style and emphasis on vocal harmony, is just the beginning. This, coupled with their impressive lineup of three new songs within six months, showcases their commitment to both performance and vocal prowess.

Earning a spot in Grammy's 'Artists to Watch in 2024', RIIZE is not just another boy group but a force heralding a new era in K-pop. With 'Love 119' leading the way, their journey from here only gets more exciting and promising for fans and music enthusiasts alike.

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