Korean Church's Mission: Empowering Philippine Aita Tribe

In a remarkable display of cross-cultural solidarity, the Korean Church is championing the cause of the Aita people, an indigenous tribe in the Philippines, through the proposed Aita International University of Science and Technology. 

Set to open in 2027 in Angeles City, this initiative represents a significant stride in Korean-Philippine cooperation, aimed at uplifting one of the Philippines' most marginalized communities.

Empowering Through Education

The vision for the university, led by missionary Lee Hoon-bok, extends beyond conventional academic pursuits. It embodies the Korean Church's commitment to social upliftment, offering tailored departments like architecture and food engineering to equip Aita youth for future challenges.

A Testament to International Collaboration

This educational venture, inspired by two decades of dedicated missionary work by Yang Nam-il and Bae Nan-young, is not just about building an institution. It's a bridge between nations, fostering a shared commitment to humanitarian values and community development. The project's innovative funding models, including a golf course and ESL courses, underscore a sustainable approach to philanthropy.

As the project garners support from both Korean and Philippine communities, the Aita International University stands as a beacon of hope, showcasing the transformative power of education and international partnership.

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