Chanel, Unveiling of Jenny's Anim Character

Chanel Unveils Animated Character of Blackpink Jenny, the Brand Ambassador Chanel has recently released an animation video featuring the brand model Jenny, actor Margaret Quality and Amandala Stenberg as part of the 2023 campaign of the pinjewelry CocoCrush. This video series consists of three episodes, each featuring a different theme of 'SOME Encounters You Wear Forever', which was released on the official website and other social media platforms such as Instagram and YouTube.

Blackpink Jenny' Animation Character

Unveiling of Jenny's Character The video of Jenny, titled 'Dear Paris', which was released on the last 15th, contains the unique charm of Jenny, including long, black hair, point between eyes and eyebrows and alluring eyes. Jenny is wearing Chanel jewelry in the video and is walking along the streets of Paris, giving off a free and intense atmosphere. Focus on the Younger Generation CocoCrysch is a fine jewelry brand that Chanel started in 2015, and is focusing on targeting the younger generation recently. All three stars in the animation video are composed of the “generation Z generation” (a generation born in the mid-1990s to the early 2010s), which was born in the late 1990.

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