Popularity of Climbing Grows Among Tourists

The COVID19 pandemic has led to an increase in the number of MZ generations visiting the mountains. Climbing is an outdoor activity with low risk of infection, and is becoming popular among both Korean and foreign tourists.

A survey by the Seoul Tourism Foundation revealed that 67.9% of respondents knew that there were many mountains in downtown Seoul, and 44.7% preferred trekking and 44.6% preferred hiking. The main reasons for lack of information about the mountains were cited as the main reason for not intending to go trekking.

In response to concerns about Seoul Climbing Tourism, 44.3% of the hiking trail safety concerns, 41.3% of 'lack of convenience facilities' and 41.1% of 'lack of guidance facilities for foreign tourists' were high.

The Seoul Tourism Foundation has set up a Seoul Metropolitan Mountain Climbing Tourism Center in Ui-dong, Gangbuk-gu, which provides information on major mountaineering routes and nearby attractions for foreign tourists. The center also offers various hiking equipment such as hiking suits and hiking shoes, and luggage storage service.

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