Agreement Signed for Introduction and Export of Seasonal Workers

Kim Chang-gyu, Mayor of Jecheon si, and the city council members, recently visited two cities in the Philippines and returned after concluding the MOU and export consultations. The visiting team visited Bayy and Munilupa City on a three-days schedule and signed an agreement for the introduction and export of seasonal workers.

The agreement aims to confirm the dispatch of foreign seasonal workers to solve the problem of lack of jobs in rural areas. The visiting team also visited the Basic Intellect Power Plant and had a dinner with A. Chanray Philippines Lions Club Manila-Laguna District President to discuss prior consultations for exporting herbal products. Mayor Kim also held a meeting with Kim Myung-soo, the Trade Center for Manila, Philippines. Kim discussed promotions such as city-specific products and excellent herbal products. The next day, the party visited Munilupa City to discuss the export of agricultural and specialty products with the attendance of Rozzano Rufino Biazon Munlopa and probably A. Chanray. The city expects to export herbal products such as agricultural products, herbal cosmetics, and household goods to the Philippines. Mayor Kim said, “We have worked on this schedule to secure high-quality rural workers and to pioneer Jecheon's agricultural, specialty products and outstanding products.” Said.

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