Busan vs. Saudi Arabia: The Showdown for 2030 World Expo Host City Dominance

In a riveting bid for the 2030 World Expo, Busan and Saudi Arabia engage in a high-stakes competition, with the host city to be decided imminently. Busan, joining the race late, adopts a 50/50 strategy, leveraging a two-round separation tactic to challenge Saudi Arabia's early negotiation advantage. The rivalry is intense, marked by the use of oil money, but Busan aims to sway votes in the second round by emphasizing human rights and K-culture.

Busan is ready, Busan Expo

Major Korean conglomerates rally behind Busan's bid, with companies like Samsung joining Hyundai in actively supporting the cause. Their strategic engagements include a European tour, addressing concerns about public expectations and the competitive landscape, requiring significant financial commitments. The Expo venue decision looms, with an anonymous vote at the BIE General Assembly in Paris on the 28th.

Hyundai's Art Cars Drive support for Busan Expo bid

As the clock ticks down, Hyundai Motor Group intensifies efforts with a captivating art car, touring Paris and major landmarks. This unique approach, featuring environmentally friendly technology, aligns with Busan's theme of a "Carbon-Neutral Expo through Eco-Friendly Technology." With the world watching, Busan's determination, backed by major Korean corporations, challenges Saudi Arabia's dominance in international events, capturing attention from the 2029 Asian Games to the 2034 World Cup.

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