7 Years of Hope: Cheongju University's Mission in Baseco

A Commitment to Change: Cheongju University in Baseco

For the past seven years, Cheongju University's Love Volunteer Group has been a beacon of hope in Baseco, one of the most impoverished areas globally. Students from diverse academic backgrounds have dedicated their expertise to uplift this marginalized community.

Baseco, situated in the Philippines, suffers from significant educational and healthcare access challenges. Despite its proximity to Manila's urban sprawl, Baseco's residents live in starkly different conditions, struggling for basic educational and medical services.

Educational and Technical Empowerment

Students from Cheongju University have taken a hands-on approach to aid Baseco. Nursing students have provided essential health education, focusing on women's needs, while other departments have offered vocational training and technical assistance. Notably, solar energy solutions have been a key aspect of their work, bringing much-needed energy resources to the community.

Strengthening Bonds Through Volunteerism

The volunteer efforts in Baseco are a testament to Cheongju University's commitment to community development and educational support. This initiative not only aids Baseco but also fortifies cultural and educational links between Korea and the Philippines, showcasing the power of international cooperation in tackling global socio-economic issues.

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