PBA Star Cabagnot Shifts to KBL's Goyang Sono Skygunners

Alex Cabagnot, a well-known figure in Philippine basketball, has taken a significant step by joining the Korean Basketball League (KBL), specifically the Goyang Sono Skygunners. This move marks a new phase in his illustrious career.

Alex Cabagnot's New Challenge in the KBL

Cabagnot's Legacy in the PBA 

With nearly two decades in the PBA, Cabagnot's career is decorated with accolades including nine championship wins with San Miguel, where he also earned the Finals MVP title. His exceptional playmaking and scoring abilities have earned him multiple All-Star selections and Mythical Team honors.

Cabagnot's transition comes amidst the rising prominence of Filipino players in the KBL, where other Filipino stars are already making waves. 

The Asian Quota in KBL 

Cabagnot's inclusion in the Goyang Sono Skygunners utilizes the Asian Player Quota in the KBL, a unique opportunity for talented Asian basketball players to showcase their skills in the Korean league.

The Goyang Sono Skygunners, currently positioned eighth in the league, eagerly anticipate Cabagnot's contribution. As a mid-season replacement, his experience and skills are expected to rejuvenate the team's performance and standings this season.

Alex Cabagnot's entry into the KBL with the Goyang Sono Skygunners is a significant event. Let's hope for great things from the many Filipino basketball players in the KBL.

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