A Celestial Christmas Treat: 'The Moon' Premieres on Viu Philippines

Filipino fans of Korean cinema, prepare to embark on a thrilling space journey this Christmas, as Viu Philippines brings the much-anticipated sci-fi film "The Moon" to your screens on December 24.
'The Moon' Lands on Viu Philippines This Christmas

A Celestial Story Set in the Future

Set in the year 2029, "The Moon" unfolds an intense narrative of a lunar exploration gone wrong. The gripping tale revolves around Sun Woo, a crewmember who finds himself stranded in the vastness of space. This calamity prompts the space center to call upon the expertise of Kim Jae Guk, a veteran of a previous, yet ill-fated, mission.

K-Pop to Silver Screen: D.O.'s Stellar Performance

K-pop enthusiasts are in for a special delight, as Do Kyung Soo, popularly known as D.O. from the renowned boy band EXO, portrays the lead character, Sun Woo. This film marks D.O.'s most significant cinematic venture yet, showcasing his versatility beyond the music stage. His remarkable performance in "The Moon" earned him the Star of the Year Award at the 2023 Buil Film Awards, with the film itself receiving nominations in Best Art and Best Cinematography. D.O.'s prowess was further recognized with Best Actor nominations at both the Grand Bell Awards and the Blue Dragon Film Awards.

The Moon: A Masterpiece of Korean Sci-Fi

Director Yong Hwa Kim's creation, "The Moon," has been lauded as a sci-fi masterpiece. Critics describe it as "thrilling," "immersive," "superb," and "mind-blowing," affirming its status as a cinematic wonder. This compelling narrative, combined with stunning visuals, promises an unparalleled viewing experience.

An Accessible Cosmic Adventure

"The Moon" will be available to stream in both Korean with English subtitles and a Tagalog dubbed version, catering to a diverse audience. Viu Premium users can look forward to this spectacular film that blends traditional Korean cinematic artistry with futuristic storytelling.

Whether you're a fan of K-pop, a sci-fi aficionado, or a lover of compelling cinema, "The Moon" offers a unique experience that transcends boundaries. Join the journey to space with this Korean cinematic gem, only on Viu Philippines.

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