The Big Freeze in Korea: Insights into Seoul's Icy December Day

Unprecedented Chill: Korea's Winter Impact

The winter solstice in Korea on December 22, 2023, brought an intense cold wave, with morning temperatures around -20°C in several regions. The weather department issued a cold wave warning.

The weather forecast for KBS

The Cold Reality: Nationwide Impact

Most parts of the nation experienced a severe cold snap. Morning temperatures in the capital region and northern areas dropped to around -15°C. The cold was accentuated by strong winds, making the real-feel temperatures even lower. Snowfall of up to 30cm in mountainous areas was reported, with significant snow expected in Jeju and parts of the western coast.

Filipinos in the Korean Cold

For Filipinos, unaccustomed to sub-zero temperatures, this weather phenomenon presents a unique challenge. It's crucial to understand the impact of such extreme cold on daily life and transportation. Freeze-related incidents, including water meter burst and road accidents, were reported. Filipinos in Korea need to be particularly vigilant about health risks and transportation disruptions.

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