MAVE's Groundbreaking Rise and 'What's My Name' Fever

In the dynamic world of K-POP, a virtual revolution is underway with MAVE, the four-member meta-idol group. Their debut EP, "What's My Name," released on November 30th, has not just entered the Apple Music TOP album chart but has also left its mark in Cambodia and Thailand. The title track's success knows no bounds, securing a spot on K-POP top single charts in Switzerland, Australia, the UK, and the US, accompanied by a YouTube music video surpassing 2.6 million views within 48 hours.

As MAVE continues to captivate audiences, Filipino fans are in for a treat with the upcoming 'What's My Name' stage on "Show! Music Core" in Korea on December 2. The performance promises high completeness, featuring choreography by FreeMind, Just Jerk's Nain, and MOTF.

MAVE, born in January 2023 as a meta-idol group with a unique worldview, tells the tale of four children from the future discovered on Earth in 2023. Their name, MAVE, meaning 'make new wave,' encapsulates their aspiration to create ripples in the K-POP scene. The EP, with tracks like the mysterious 'Everyday' and the electronic-based 'Assemble,' takes listeners on a journey of self-discovery.

MAVE - What's My Name Global Music Chart

From a virtual concept to reality, MAVE is not just a girl group; it's a meta-human entertainment phenomenon. Filipino fans, get ready to witness the future of K-POP unfold before your eyes as MAVE leaves an indelible mark on the global stage!

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