Palawan's Galaxy Star Cafe' Blends Italian and Korean Flair

Galaxy Star Café in Palawan is ready to welcome Filipino food lovers to a special gastronomic adventure where you can savour the perfect fusion of Italian and Korean cuisine.

Galaxy Star Coffee and Restaurant in Palawan

With the growing interest in Korean entertainment, especially K-pop and K-dramas, Galaxy Star started as an Italian-centric café, but soon introduced authentic Korean food, starting with its irresistible Korean fried chicken.

Upon entering the café, you'll be greeted with a rustic, industrial-themed interior reminiscent of a sleek Starbucks. The café and resto-bar each have their own unique vibe and offer a different experience every time you visit.

Menu staples include the Galaxy Basket, made with ingredients sourced from Korea, Gim- mali (deep-fried seaweed rolls), and soul-warming Sundubu-jjigae (hearty sundubu stew). Don't forget to pair your meal with a delicious cocktail.

If you're heading to the northern barangays of Palawan, don't miss Galaxy Star Cafe along the Northern National Highway!

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