Does Butter Beer have Butter in it?: A Legal Battle Over Creative Branding

Butter Beer: Marketing Genius or Misleading? 

In 2022, Korea witnessed a unique product launch: 'Butter Beer,' known as '뵈르' in French, meaning butter. This beer, quickly becoming a hit among the MZ generation, sold over 200,000 cans in just a week. Yet, it sparked a legal and cultural debate.

The Legal and Cultural Battle 

Despite its name, 'Butter Beer' contained no actual butter, leading to a lawsuit by Seoul's Food and Drug Safety Administration. The case highlights the fine line between creative marketing and potential consumer deception.

Comparisons with Other Products 

This controversy isn't unique in Korea. Products like 'Banana Milk,' not containing real bananas, and 'Bungeoppang'(Fish-Shaped Bread) without fish, have led to similar debates. Netizens are drawing parallels, emphasizing the cultural aspects of product naming.

Public and Legal Reactions 

Prosecutors indicted Virtue Company and its CEO, Park Yong-In, under food advertisement laws, igniting widespread interest. The company's defense compares its product to others like 'Goraebap', arguing the name is a branding choice rather than a misleading claim. 'Goraebap' means 'whale food', it's actually a popular Korean snack product.
Bungeoppang does not contain crucian carp

So, What's the Future of 'Butter Beer'?

As the legal battle unfolds, the 'Butter Beer' controversy remains a talking point in Korea. It raises questions about the boundaries of creative branding and its impact on consumer perception.

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