Embracing Heritage: Korean Multicultural Students' Educational Journey in Manila

Exploring Filipino Roots

The Jeollanam-do Provincial Office of Education organized a significant educational program for Korean students from multicultural families. This initiative, named the 'Mother Country Exploration Project,' aimed at deepening students' understanding of their Filipino heritage through a structured visit to Manila, Philippines.

Educational Visit to Schools 

The students' itinerary included a visit to Manuel Roxas High School in Manila. This stop provided an educational opportunity to learn about the Philippines-Korea relationship, Filipino language, and culture. 

The program was designed not just as a tour but as an educational experience, offering insights into cultural dynamics and international relations.

Following this, the students visited the Philippine Korean International School (KISP). Here, they engaged in English language classes, emphasizing the development of bilingual skills and understanding of educational practices in a multicultural context. 

This visit highlighted the role of language education in cultural exchange and global understanding.

Student Experiences and Learning Outcomes

Throughout the trip, students gained firsthand experience of Filipino culture, extending beyond previous family-based interactions. This exposure provided them with a broader perspective on their cultural heritage and identity.

Role of Education in Cultural Identity 

Jeong Byeong-guk from the Education Autonomy Division recognized the significance of the project in enhancing students' cultural identity and pride. The initiative underscored the crucial role of educational programs in fostering multicultural understanding and respect.

This educational visit by Korean students to Manila's Manuel Roxas High School and KISP marked an important step in promoting cultural awareness and understanding among young people from multicultural backgrounds.

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